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Project Details

The Highway 401 and Dorchester Road interchange improvements project includes the lands around the Highway 401 and Dorchester Road interchange in the Municipality of Thames Centre, Middlesex County, as seen on the figure below. This project built on the previously completed design work documented in the Transportation Environmental Study Report (TESR) which received environmental clearance in March, 2016. The project is being completed as a Group 'B' undertaking following MTO’s Class EA for Provincial Transportation Facilities. For more information about the Class EA process, please refer to the Class EA page of this website.

The improvements proposed as part of the Highway 401 and Dorchester Road Bridge Replacement and Interchange Improvements project includes the following:

  • Replacement of the Dorchester Road Bridge with a new four lane bridge (two through lanes and two speed change lanes) with a 75 year design lifespan

  • Slight realignment of the bridge and Dorchester Road to the east

  • Replacement of the existing diamond interchange with a Parclo A-2 interchange. The new interchange design accommodates the potential for future additional ramps and highway expansion.


A local road detour will be in place to manage local traffic during construction. More information on upcoming construction and detour routes can be seen on the Detour Routes tab.

This page will be updated as information becomes available. 

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Project Timeline

Detail Design and Class EA

October 2022

DCR Review Period

Fall 2023

Construction Start

Spring 2024

Construction Complete

Summer 2025

We are here!

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Project Details

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